Tuesday 8 March 2011

No More Muddy Paws - Artificial Grass Lawn for your Dog

Last week we had a large number of calls from dog owners considering replacing their lawn with artificial grass. This is something that we get asked about often! There are a few reasons why dog owners see artificial grass as an ideal alternative to their real lawn. If you are a dog owner yourself no doubt you will be able to relate to most of these:

1. Muddy paws walking back into the house! 

With the combination of the ever changeable weather here in the UK and a playful dog running around your lawn it is inevitable that muddy paw prints will end up being walked back into the house. With an artificial lawn installation there will be no more muddy paws. No matter what the weather your dog can play outside without the worry of the mess you'll have to clear up afterwards.

2. Staining and Odour

A lot of dog owners ring us because they have an issue with staining on their real grass, once an area is stained it will take a lot of hard work to get it back into shape. The artificial turf will not stain and the grass is permeable so any urine will drain away freely just the same as rainwater. Any dog mess can be scooped off the lawn and the lawn can be hosed every now and again to get rid of any stubborn mess. There will be no risk of odour either as everything drains away. The area could even be disinfected if required and this would not damage the surface in any way.

3. Damaged and worn patches of lawn

If you have a boisterous dog playing on your lawn on a regular basis you will find yourself with worn patches where the grass struggles to re-grow and it will also be highly likely that your dog will try to dig up areas of your lawn. Our artificial grasses are so hard wearing that they can withstand constant play. Not only do you benefit from this but you also have a lush, green lawn all year round whatever the weather and however much punishment it has taken. You will also find that your dog won't attempt to dig areas of the artificial grass lawn up.

In conclusion, you will find that an artificial grass lawn is a perfect solution for your lawn as a dog owner. It is also perfect for kennel owners who struggle to maintain an exercise area for the dogs in their care. All our turfs are non-toxic, UK manufactured and suitable for pets and there is something to suit everybody's budget. For more information please visit www.hitechturf.co.uk

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