Tuesday 29 March 2011

Maintaining your Artificial Grass Lawn

Tools required for the job: hard brush, soft, rake, leaf blower/garden vac, herbiside spray.

Artificial grass is a much lower maintenance solution for your garden than a real lawn, whatever the weather it is never going to look, tired, warn or dry. By maintaining your lawn on a fairly regular basis you will get the maximum life expectancy from your lawn and the maximum value for money.

The amount of maintenance you choose to carry out will depend on the type of turf you've opted for and the amount of use your lawn gets.

It is very important to clear any debris off your lawn such as leaves. Also weed seeds can be dropped on the lawn from birds or overhanging trees. If you have a sand dressed lawn which isn't maintained regularly you may find weed seed takes root in the sand, these weeds can be easily pulled up but maintenance would prevent this from happening in the first place. Also, any leaves that are left on the lawn will begin to break down and create perfect conditions for moss growth. Again removal of the leaves with a blower or vacuum will prevent this from happening.

In general we recommend your lawn is brushed once a week with a stiff brush, brushing against the pile. On areas of heavy use this will just bring the pile back up if it has flattened out slightly. On high use areas a sand in-fill even in the products that don't necessarily require it will mean the pile stands up for longer. We recommend that sand is topped up as and when required but at least once a year.

It is also recommended to treat the lawn with a moss control product once a year.

For dog owners there may be a little extra maintenance in removal of mess. Any urine will drain away in the same way as rainwater but unlike on a real lawn it will not stain the grass as it passes through. Dog mess can be lifted easily off the grass and any troublesome areas can be hosed off. If required disinfectant can be used.

As a final tip if you are painting a fence or the house and the lawn is nearby it is best to cover the lawned area to prevent any spillage's onto the grass.

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