Thursday 13 January 2011

Brand new range of artificial grass for 2011

We are delighted to announce that we have a brand new range of artificial grass for 2011. We always strive to provide a range of grasses that are suited to a wide variety of applications, personal preferences and budgets. All our products come with a 5 year guarantee, are free draining and are non toxic making them child and pet friendly. They are all manufactured in the UK. All prices quoted include VAT. 

HT Vision

At £27.00 per square metre this is our top of the range turf. HT Vision is a natural looking grass with fantastic aesthetics which make it ideal for your lawn. This turf will provide you with a lawn that is lush and green all year round, it has an extremely dense springy pile and has the added benefit of being a UK manufactured turf to be produced from recycled materials. The element of the turf which has been recycled utilises 15 plastic bottles in it's make up. This product has a 30mm pile height. 

HT Finesse

At £23.00 per square metre this mid-range turf is ideal for a variety of applications including lawn coverage or children's play areas, as the pile height stands at 26mm this makes it easy for children to move around on. HT Finesse is again very dense and is extremely soft to touch. This multi-coloured surface with a two tone brown thatch layer provides for a natural lush appearance. Due to the density of the product this can be used as a non sand in-fill product.

HT Aspire

Another of our mid range turfs, HT Aspire is priced at £22.00 per square metre. HT Aspire is a very realistic looking turf with a very straight blade, it is extremely hard wearing which makes it ideal for heavy use areas and the blade will remain straight and true after use. The appearance of a well kept lawn is achieved by the two contrasting colours in the turfs make up. The pile height of this grass is 30mm and it will require a sand in-fill. 

HT Fresco

At £16.00 per square metre this is at the lower price bracket of the range. HT Fresco provides a realistic looking turf which should be sand dressed for stability. This is a soft product which will give the appearance of a meadow style lawn once laid. With a 35mm pile height this is the longest pile in our range of turfs. 

HT Urban Lawn

The lowest priced turf in our range HT Urban Lawn comes in at £11.00 per square metre, it is also the shortest artificial grass with a 24mm pile height. This grass is perfect for both domestic and commercial applications, again it's pile height and softness means that it lends itself well to a children's play environment. This affordable turf is designed to fit anybody's budget. It is a one colour olive green, sand in-fill product which has been designed to give a natural appearance at a reasonable price. 

We hope that our new range includes something for everybody at affordable prices. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.