Monday 13 December 2010

White Christmas in demand with artificial grass

We have been inundated recently with requests for white artificial grass. This is not something we would usually be asked for but as it's perfect for creating winter snow scenes it has been in high demand. The white artificial turf is ideal for use around Santa's grotto, at Christmas fairs & markets, in shop displays to create a snowy scene and even underneath your Christmas tree.

The white artificial grass is ideal as an alternative to fake snow as it gives the same impression but is easy to clean and doesn't leave a residue as fake snow would. So when you go to visit Santa this Christmas keep an eye out for some white synthetic turf under foot as it just might be ours!

Friday 19 November 2010

Artificial Grass could complement the kids Christmas Presents in 2010!

Christmas is fast approaching and it is time to think about what would be good for the children this year. If a trampoline or climbing frame is on the Christmas list to Santa it may be time to think about the lawn as well. Inevitably those trampolines and climbing frames end up on the lawn which with a trampoline on top will struggle to grow.

If you are striving for the perfect lawn but also want to keep the kids happy this Christmas then artificial grass could be the perfect solution. We offer a wide range of artificial grasses which will suit a variety of budgets and styles. We have a number of turfs which provide the natural look of a lawn but are also incredibly hard wearing for the children to play on. All the turfs are non-toxic and are completely safe for children. With artificial grass there is the added benefit of no muddy footprints being trodden through the house once the children come in from playing.

If you are purchasing a trampoline or climbing frame there is also the safety aspect to consider. Our artificial turf can be easily complimented with safety impact matting which would create a critical fall height under play equipment.

Not only would synthetic turf create a perfect safe lawn for the kids but it would be the end of mowing, weeding, feeding and watering your lawn! The perfect Christmas present for everyone in the family.

Tuesday 26 October 2010

In The Community: Artificial Grass Donation

Last week we came to the rescue of four year old Harley Noble from Bagillt, Flintshire who suffers with a very rare form of cerebral palsy. His condition means that he is texture sensitive and just touching real blades of grass on his own lawn makes him feel ill and can make him physically sick. 

He is a lively four year old with a three year old sister, Lilly to play with, his reaction to real grass has made playing outside on the lawn an impossibility. He is confined to a wheelchair and maneuvering his power wheelchair on wet or long grass is also a struggle. 

Recently we got in touch with Harley's parents Christina Lace and Jonathon Noble and offered to install an artificial grass lawn at their home in Bagillt. The installation of the artificial grass which does not cause a reaction in Harley means that Harley is now able to play outside on his new lawn without the worry of it making him feel ill. 

Harvey's Lawn Before
Harvey's Lawn After

Wednesday 29 September 2010

Artificial Grass Queries answered...

at Grand Designs Live, Birmingham.

Alongside our manufacturer Tiger Turf we will be exhibiting this year at Grand Designs Live at the NEC in Birmingham. Grand Designs Live is an award-winning home show that is packed full of design ideas and inspiration for your home and garden.

The show is being held on 8, 9 and 10 October 2010. If you are attending you will be able to find us in the Grand Gardens area and we will be happy to answer any queries you may have about artificial grass.

For more information on the show visit

Wednesday 15 September 2010

Rain ruined your lawn? Have you considered Artificial Grass yet?

Well Summer is over and Autumn's arrived but you would be pushed to tell the difference between the two, the summer we had consisted of rain, rain and more rain and as that looks set to continue for the foreseeable future the maintenance of your lawn may not have been at the top of the things to do list. Are you now staring out of the kitchen window at a waterlogged, patchy, dull lawn?

Maybe now is the time to consider replacing your lawn with artificial grass. If your garden does suffer from patchiness, is shaded and with our climate spends most of the time under water, maintaining a well kept, good looking lawn can seem impossible. Not with artificial grass, there are so many products available that there is a grass to suit every taste and budget. If your still skeptical take a look at our website and take a look at our galleries to see how we have transformed poor lawns into lawns that are lush, green and useable all year round. Artificial grass isn't for everyone but if your willing to consider it as an alternative you may be pleasantly surprised.

Friday 20 August 2010

Shape your lawn with Artificial Grass

Our artificial grass is available in a 4m or 2m width roll, now this may make you think that you have to have a lawn that is a rectangle or square shape but this is far from the case. The turf can be manipulated and cut to any shape you require. When measuring you do need to measure as if it were a square or rectangle to ensure you have enough turf for the job but once your turf is in place you can cut it into the shape of your lawn. The artificial turf is cut to shape with a sharp knife and only cut on the latex side to prevent damaging the turf. Having a lawn artificially turfed which has some shape to it also gives it a more natural appearance to those who do not yet know it isn't real.

Thursday 5 August 2010

Exclusivity for your garden

Our HT Exclusive product is currently on offer at the price of £20 per square metre, this turf should be retailing at around £30 per square metre. This offer is only available while stocks last though so your going to have to be quick if you want to get your hands on it cause once it's gone that's it, it will be no more!

HT Exclusive is a two tone artificial grass and does not require a sand in-fill as it has it's own thick thatch base layer to help keep the pile standing upright. The grass is extremely soft to touch and is very dense. The turf is suitable for all applications and is safe for children and pets. With a five year guarantee and 15 year life expectancy this turf could just be the answer to all your problems and at an exclusive price. 

On a separate note we have just updated our gallery pages on the website so why not take a look at some of our most recent installations to help you decide whether or not artificial grass is the way forward for you. 

Wednesday 4 August 2010

Welcome to our artificial grass blog!

So, we've decided to set up a blog so that we can provide you with all the latest news, views, offers and information on our artificial grass products. As the artificial grass market continues to grow and grow we will also be keeping a beady eye on the weird and wonderful places that artificial grass finds itself these days. 

We will do our best to keep this blog updated on a regular basis and hope that you will enjoy reading it.