Wednesday 23 February 2011

Office Installed with Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass isn't just a product for outdoor use it also lends itself very well to indoor situations. This week we installed our HT Finesse artificial turf product within an office in Lymm. The office of Space Design & Management in Lymm wanted to install the grass as a showcase. As a design company they are looking to add the artificial turf to their range and offer it as an alternative floor covering at offices, schools and retail outlets.

The installation of artificial grass as an alternative floor covering can brighten up an indoor space considerably and brings the outdoors indoors. It can be looked after in much the same way as a carpet. It can even be secured to walls. A well designed office has been proven to improve morale and productivity and reduce resignations and absences.

Space Design and Management LLP are based in Lymm and provide a design and management consultancy service for offices, educational and retail sectors. They deal with design, fixtures, fittings, furniture and integration. They can be contacted on 0844 209 8422 or